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Our view of design is that it should be about people - in particular the end user. Our ambition is that each project achieves an individual response to the client's vision and goals. We believe that how you see something is just as important as what you see.

Our belief is that successful design comes from an understanding of each project's complex issues, and offering a dynamic, well considered response. This approach ensures the design is a good fit for the client, and creates a working design of lasting value.

SFG is a hospitality management and design consulting firm. We specialize in design consultation for restaurants, K12, Collegiate, corporate, medical, tribal, government, and non-profit. Our mission is to build functional foodservice facilities and programs through creative management and design.

SFG was founded by Eli Huff, who brought a vast experience in the Tulsa food and hospitality industry to create a consulting firm that brings a unique perspective from all aspects of the restaurant and hospitality industry. 

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